Most men are zombies. Here are 7 signs you are still asleep in life — and how to wake the f*** up

Thomas Rydahl
13 min readApr 17, 2019

I’ve been there. And so have most men. The place in life where you are surviving life — rather than living it. If you recognize one or more of these 7 signs, it’s time to figure out what your life is all about.

Sign # 1 — You’ve given your soul to a job you don’t appreciate

If you are like most of us, you are in a situation where you need to work so you can afford to live. Maybe you’ve always had plans for your career and even done it well. Perhaps life has led you from one job to another. It is strong and meaningful to take responsibility for your life and be able to pay your bills — and you probably have a couple of good days here and there, maybe even good weeks. The problem is not the work itself — whatever the work is. The problem is that you are not inspired.

Half of the day’s waking hours (more than 1700 hours a year), you spend on some mediocre workplace. You live for the weekends and holidays and the occasional after-work beer. You might be betting on winning the Powerball to tip the scales in your life.

The problem is you don’t stop for one minute and consider what is going on. You don’t dare go into a study of what you spend your time doing that would really make your heart jump and your soul break free. You also don’t dare talk to your partner or your friends about your deep dissatisfaction, because much of your identity and self-perception is tied up around your job. Who are you if you are not a lawyer or account manager or cook? What would you really like doing?

The most devastating thing about your dissatisfaction is that it also affects the rest of your life. When your worklife is on autopilot, you are neither alive nor inspiring around the house. Not as a partner, father or…

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